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Rubber Profiles Programme is pleased to inform our customers we have now a possibility of hot jointing with rubber film.

The system is used to obtain sturdy joints by inserting a sheet of non-vulcanized rubber cca. 0.5 mm thick between two pre-heated moulds constructed according to the geometry of the seal.
For improved quality, the mould is produced for each individual seal cross-section. Furthermore, the joint is perfect from both the aesthetic and the mechanical viewpoint.
The seal can be straight or angular jointed and from different materials like solid rubber or co-ex rubber – solid and sponge part and in many different qualities – EPDM, NBR, etc.
Min. diameter of the ring is 145 mm.

Main Application areas

Hot-splicing solutions are rubber products within the automotive, hydraulic and civil engineering, power generation and specialized manufacturing industries.

Machine with two jointing station

Machine with two jointing station

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