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The majority of gaskets are developed in virtual environment. Virtual development or virtual prototyping is a modern interdisciplinary approach to the development of products oriented to the development of solutions, which are best in terms of design and offered at most favourable prices. We have established a close cooperation with our customers and we consider their demands with regard to the functionality and restrictions. In virtual development of gaskets we are assisted by the R&D Trelleborg Slovenija.

Virtual prototypes are analysed in the computer-assisted environment. Using numerical simulations provided by the advanced Marc and Marc Mentat software tools , the optimum cross-section of a gasket is determined, suitability of the selected material assessed and stress-deformation properties in the cross-section of a gasket in operation checked up. The input data is either obtained from customers, or from measurements carried out in our accredited Central Laboratory.

The following input data is needed for carrying out a numerical simulation of a gasket:

  • A 2D or 3D CAD drawing of the cross-section and installation parts in accordance with customer requirement.

  • Mechanical properties of the gasket, which are measured at the Central Laboratory of Trelleborg Slovenija.

  • The application area of the gasket and other requirements with regard to the loads.

  • Type of materials of adjoining built-in parts.

  • Criterion (criteria) for optimising the gasket cross-section.

Numerical simulations are performed for all types of gaskets manufactured by the Profiles programme and installed in windows and doors, sliding garage doors, façades, tunnels, anti-noise and windbreak fences, white goods, etc.

We have optimised the shape and chosen the most appropriate type of rubber for gaskets used in the building industry. We added the value to our products by a much softer closing of a window and a prolonged service life of gaskets. If required, the result of numerical simulations can be further certified by measuring the closing force of the gasket according to the SIST EN 12365 standard, or tests are made at customers following the specified measurement method.

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Distribution of the force in the gasket during closing


Closing force of a gasket


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