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Out of a wide range of rubber compounds we have chosen a few special ones that we like to present in detail.

Rubber compound for sealing bellows in washing machines

A sealing bellows in a washing machine seals a gap between a washing drum and doors, and improves the aesthetic appearance of the washing machine at the same time.

At Savatech, we have developed a rubber compound, which meets the requirements set by the household appliances industry but also proves better in comparison with competitors' compounds. The fundamental advantage is that a washing bellows made from our compound is more robust and stable.

High-quality non-contaminated compounds with excellent processing features are manufactured in the line for mixing non-black compounds; non-contaminated compounds that we supply to our partners increase productivity in their manufacture of sealing bellows.

Standards: Gorenje GOS 420, Electrolux EHP Laundry

Non-black and coloured compounds

altSavatech has a line available for mixing high-quality coloured compounds. This line has capacities large enough for mixing coloured compounds at competitive prices. Available are coloured compounds made from all types of rubber, in various colours according to the RAL and suitable for various applications.

KTW, DVGW, W270, EN 681 WA

altA special composition of the materials that have to fulfil the strict requirements for tap-water appliances provides for a micro-biological and chemical quality of water, while it also meets the required physical properties, ageing in the air and swelling in the water. Savatech can offer the already approved materials or develop new tailor-made solutions.

In addition to the materials that have already been developed and certified by the German Institute, we can develop and adapt materials that meet special customer requirements.

The materials available for injection moulding and extrusion procedure:
- EPDM 40 EN 681 WC
- EPDM 50 EN 681 WC
- EPDM 60 EN 681 WC
- EPDM 60 EN 681 WA, W270 D1/D2, KTW D1/D2
- EPDM 70 EN 681 WA, W270 D1/D2, KTW D1/D2
- NBR 60 EN 682

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