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Modern technical equipment, computer control-process running system and bar code raw materials control enable traceability in the production and control of the mixing process. Weighing of rubbers, powder fillers, softeners and chemicals is automatic and semiautomatic.

Compounds are mixed on two distinct mixing lines: separately black and separately coloured compounds. The mixing line comprises: the intermix mixer, two double-roll mills with a stock-blender unit and the batch-off line. Another double-roll mill with a stock-blender unit and batch-off line serves for mixing smaller amounts of special compounds. Such equipment ensures high compound quality.

If required by a customer, compounds on the calander line can be formed in rubber sheets of exact sizes and wrapped in the PE patterned foil.


Mixing line for black compounds



Computer - controlled weighing of chemicals

Automatic dosage and weighing of carbon black and fillers

Monitoring mixing process

Mixing of high-tech colour compounds

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