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Static FoamIntens 15 cm 4x Height 20 cm Common mattress replacement Optimum body fit Removable liner

Static FoamIntens 15 cm 4x

The FoamIntens mattress is made of two different highly resilient foam materials that are combined in three layers. The top and bottom layers are made of HRC foam (45kg/m3, 3.5 kPa), which excellently preserves stability and offers body support. Superb stability and body support, temperature and moisture control, high flexibility, elasticity and resilience are the chief virtues of the chosen foam material. To optimally adapt to the body shape and achieve the largest surface possible, the middle layer of the FoamIntense is made of viscoelastic memory foam (57kg/m3, 3.7 kPa), which creates strong anti-decubitus effects. The mattress is 15 cm high and suitable for use in hospitals, sheltered housing accommodations and retirement homes. It can be used on a non-adjustable or adjustable bed base. The mattress liner is made of washable elastic material, which is breathable and permeable to moisture but prevents fluid penetration. The liner thus protects the mattress core and also functions as an incontinence-proof liner that feels pleasant to the touch.

  Static FoamIntens 15 cm 4x
  top layer assures superb stability and comfort memory foam
removable, washable incontinence-proof liner option of mattress turning (4-way turn)
replaces common mattress resilience

The mattress offers superb stability and body
support, temperature and moisture control.

Technical data

MATTRESS     Dimension (LxWxH)   200x90x15 cm
      Weight   15.2 kg

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