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Get Comfort FoamMemory Mattress Cover Height 5 cm Common mattress replacement Optimum body fit Removable liner

FoamMemory mattress cover 200/90/5

The FoamMemory mattress cover is distinguished for its high-quality foam pad that offers optimum body fit and reduces the counteracting force of the mattress, thereby relieving the pressure points on the skin. The foam core is dressed in a special net-like fabric, which makes its insertion simple and significantly reduces the friction between the foam and the cover. The cover is made of a high-quality washable, elastic and incontinence-proof material. This material prevents fluid penetration, yet it is breathable and permeable to moisture. The envelope-type cover allows a simple removal or insertion of the foam pad. Owing to its length the cover can easily be stretched over the existing mattress and attached to it using the sewed-in elastic straps. The mattress cover offers added comfort and less counteracting force than conventional mattresses, which reduces pressure on the skin. All materials comply with the strict flammability and biocompatibility standards, thereby significantly enhancing the safety of users and personnel.

  Get Comfort FoamMemory Mattress Cover

Get Comfort FoamMemory Mattress Cover
  extended service life of the mattress
removable, washable and incontinence-proof cover
optimum body fit
net-like fabric

High-quality foam pad offers optimum body fit
and reduces the pressure on the skin.

Technical data

FoamMemory     Dimension (TxWxH)   200x90x5 cm   190x90x5 cm   195x85x5 cm
      Weight   6.4 kg   6.2 kg   5.8 kg

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