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Dynamic SelfAir 8T/foam 200/90/20

Get Comfort Dynamic SelfAir 8T/foam 200/90/20 Height 20 cm Common mattress replacement Foam layer Removable liner

Dynamic SelfAir 8T/foam 200/90/20

The SelfAir mattress is made of highly elastic foam and can entirely replace common mattress. The lower foam layer provides good stability, while the upper foam layer reduces the counteracting force of the body and offers comfort. The mattress core incorporates eight air cells that are filled with highly elastic foam. The transversally arranged air cells assure better adjustment of the mattress to various inclinations of the bed frame. The air cells are interconnected with pneumatic hoses. Owing to the joint connection of the air cells exposed to the highest loads, pressure in this section can be set to the value that best supports the body. The air flows through return valves depending on the weight, position and shape of the individual patient’s body. The superfluous air escapes out of the air cells to reduce the pressure in the air cells. The contact surface between the body and the mattress thus enlarges, and, consequently, the pressure on the body redistributes. When the patient gets out of the bed, the foam in air cells straightens and the flow control valves enable the air to flow back into the mattress to adapt the air cell pressure to the ambient air pressure. A specifically designed sloped section in the knee zone significantly reduces pressure in the sensitive heel area. The SelfAir dynamic air mattress offers an excellent distribution of patient’s bodyweight over the entire surface and is renowned for its good anti-decubitus properties.

  Get Comfort Dynamic SelfAir 4T/foam 200/90/20
  replaces common mattress
no power supply required
removable, washable incontinence-proof cover
automatic pressure adjustment
replacement of individual air cell possible

The superfluous air escapes out of the air cells
to reduce the pressure in the air cells.

Technical data

FoamMemory     Dimension (TxWxH)   200x90x20 cm
      Weight   16.45 kg

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