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Get Comfort Dynamic_TubusAir 18/2 Pressure alternating in every 2nd air cell Transport Quiet control unit Removable liner


  Dynamic TubusAir 18/2

The dynamic mattress that replaces a common mattress
The TubusAir 18/2 mattress entirely replaces a common mattress. It is 20 cm high and incorporates also a 5 cm high foam layer. 

The mattress is suitable for prevention and treatments
The pressure in air cells is lower and does not exceed the medium capillary pressure of 25 mmHg, thereby offering greater pressure relief of the patient’s subcutaneous tissue. The mattress can thus be used not only as a preventive measure in cases of severely affected patients but also for treatments in serious cases of chronic pressure ulcer.

Automatic pressure adjustment
The pressure in air cells is automatically adapted to the weight, height and movements of every individual patient. The mattress is composed of 18 transversal inflatable air cells, which inflate and deflate in alternating intervals.

Therapy - pressure alternating in every second air cell
To achieve optimum results, the therapy is carried out with pressure alternating in every second air cell. The difference in pressure values is low, which patients find as very soothing. The treatment cycle can be set between 8 and 60 minutes.
The air cells in the head zone keep a constant pressure, thereby offering greater comfort to the patient. Each air cell is separately attached to the basis; if one air cell is damaged it can easily be replaced with a new one.  An individual air cell can also be switched off during the therapy to relieve a specific part of the body, e.g. heels.

Removable, washable incontinence-proof cover
The protective cover of the TubusAir 18/2 mattress is made of high-quality, elastic, incontinence-proof material, which prevents fluid penetration but is breathable and moisture-permeable.

The TubusAir 18/2 mattress is equipped with a CPR valve for a rapid deflation in emergency situations such as resuscitation.

If the patient has to be transported elsewhere, the mattress remains inflated for several hours after being disconnected from power supply. The mattress is suitable for patients with body weight from 20 to 200 kg.

Further possible uses

  • Dynamic TubusAir 18/2-side
    The mattress enables turning the patient on the left or right hip to temporarily relieve the skin on the back and reduce the pressure on the lungs, thereby improving blood and air circulation.
  • Dynamic TubusAir 18/2-side + vent
    is an additional feature that enhances patient comfort owing to internal cooling or air circulation

The advantages of the dynamic TubusAir 18/2 mattress:
Get Comfort Dynamic TubusAir 18/2

- automatic pressure adjustment
- height 20 cm (incl. foam layer)
- removable, washable and incontinence-proof cover
- low air cell pressure
- therapy – pressure alternating in every 2nd  air  cell
- possibility of turning the patient on the hip
- quiet control unit
- transportable


The mattress automatically optimises
the air cell pressure.

Technical data

MATTRESS     Dimension (TxWxH)   200x90x20 cm
      Weight   10.2 kg
      Operating pressure   13 – 33 mbar
      Air cell burst pressure   min 400 mbar
      Remaining pressure without power supply   > 3h
CONTROL UNIT     Inflation time   < 15 min
      CPR deflating rate   ~ 20 s
      Noise level   < 40 dB
      Treatment cycle   8 – 60 min
      Maximum pressure   100 mbar
      Working pressure   13 – 33 mbar (9.75 – 24.75 mmHg)
      Pressure adjustment   ± 3 mbar
      Electrical power supply   230 V 50 Hz
      Output power   60 W
      Temperature range   10 – 40 °C
      Control   14V DC
      Special features   keyboard lock,
          audible alarm, air filter
      Equipment class   II
      IP Code   IP 53
      Weight   5.2 kg

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