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Get Comfort Dynamic_TubusAir 18/2 Presure alternating in every 2nd air cell Presure alternating in every 3rd air cell Transport Quiet control unit Removable liner


  Dynamic FluctusAir 18/2 in 18/3

A dynamic mattress that replaces a standard mattress
The Fluctus Airmattress is 18 cm high and can replace a standard mattress.

Properties of the mattress
The FluctusAir anti-decubitus mattress is suitable for patients at very high risk for pressure ulcer development. A firm mattress frame incorporates 18 air cells that are 18 cm high. The three air cells in the head zone keep constant pressure, thereby offering greater comfort to the patient. The side handles simplify handling, while the fastening straps on the bottom enable fixing the mattress to the sick bed frame. A multi-pole coupling connects the pneumatic installation in the mattress to the valves and the pump in the control unit. The mattress is simple to use, clean and maintain.

Removable, washable incontinence-proof cover
The protective cover of the FluctusAir mattress is made of high-quality biocompatible elastic incontinence-proof material, which prevents fluid penetration, yet it is breathable and permeable to moisture.

The FluctusAir mattress is equipped with a CPR valve for rapid deflation in emergencies, e.g. resuscitation.

Therapy – pressure alternating in every second or third air cell
The pressure in the FluctusAir 18/2 mattress alternates in every second cell and in the FluctusAir 18/3 mattress in every third cell.
The treatment cycles can be set to 8, 12, 15 or 20 minutes.
Each air cellis is separately attached to the basis; if one air cell is damaged, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

Automatic pressure adjustment
The pressure in the air cells adapts automatically to the weight, height and movements of every individual patient.


If the patient has to be transported elsewhere, the air cells maintain pressure for several hours after disconnection from power supply. The mattress is suitable for patients with body weight from 20 to 200 kg.


The advantages of the dynamic FluctusAir mattress:

- height 18 cm
- automatic pressure adjustment
- washable biocompatible incontinence-proof cover
- simple to use
- automatic activation of treatment cycles
- keyboard lock
- static air cells in the headzone


Dynamic FluctusAir 18/2 in 18/3

Technical data

MATTRESS     Dimension (LxWxH)   200x85x18 cm
      Weight 18/2, 18/3   3.9 kg, 4.2 kg
      Working pressure in the mattress   13 – 50mbar
      Air cell burst pressure   min 400 mbar
      Remaining pressure without power supply   > 3h
CONTROL UNIT     Mattress inflation   < 30 min
      Mattress deflation – CPR emergencies   ~ 20 s
      Noise level   < 40 dB
      Treatment cycles   8, 12, 15 ali 20 min
      Maximum pressure   100 mbar
      Working pressure   13 – 50 mBar (9.75 – 37.5 mmHg)
      Power supply   230 V 50 Hz
      Output power   50VA
      Ambient temperature range   10 – 40 °C
      Control   14V DC
      Special features   Keyboard lock, audio signal
      Insulation class   II
      IP protection class   IP 53
      Weight 18/2, 18/3   3.9 kg, 4.2 kg

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