High-quality moulded industrial rubber products are the result of 100 years of tradition that Sava has in the rubber manufacturing industry.

We are highly adaptable to customer requirements, a quick and reliable partner from design to serial production. 

We produce industrial rubber products from all types of elastomers: EPDM, CR, NR, SBR, NBR, ECO, VMQ; and products which combine rubber/metal, rubber/plastic and rubber/foil.

Owing to continual investments in the encouraging working environment, knowledge, most recent technology, quality control and production optimisation we have become  a reliable partner to numerous car manufacturers and their key suppliers. 

We provide other industrial branches such as the construction industry and household appliances with our products and services.

The molecular structure of elastomers, which provides high resilience, is irreplacable; we are, therefore, continually searching for new solutions in other industrial sectors, too.

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