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Mooney-viscosity is determined by the instrument Mooney-viscometer at a standard-prescribed elevated temperature. Mooney-viscosity is defined as a torque on instrument's rotating spindle within heated dies, imposed by rubber compound enclosing and overflowing the spindle. Mooney-viscosity is measured and given in Mooney-units.


Mooney viscometer  
  Mooney viscometer (rotor detail)

Apart from viscosity, this instrument is also used to determine other properties of rubbers and their compounds. Specifically, these are relaxational properties, characterizing solid- and liquid-state components of viscoelastic materials. Determination of scorch properties, i.e. rubber compound comportment at the beginning of cosslinking (vulcanization), is another type of additional measurement. Determined is the crosslinking rate in the initial part of vulcametric curve.

Mooney viscometer result: Temperature (top) and torque (bottom) as a function of time (rotor stops after 1+4 minutes)

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