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The Central Laboratory has many years of experience in the manufacture, control and use of its reference compound. The compound or vulcanisates, which are made from it, are daily used for checking the selected apparatus in the laboratory. The reference compound is designated RM1; it is mixed under strict supervision and according to a fixed recipe from the components, which are checked and possess defined properties. Using our own apparatus, we characterise each new compound lot parallel with a preceding lot to monitor and control the properties, and achieve as constant properties as possible.

The reference compound RM1 is subject to annual proficiency testing, which is organised by our laboratory in cooperation with expert rubber laboratories from Europe.
During the application period, the RM1 proved suitable for the most exacting tests in rubber laboratories; it is noted not only for its quality, which is demonstrated through its homogenous composition, but also for optimum shelf life if stored properly, and affordable price, too.

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