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Standard SIST EN 12365-4: Building hardware. Gasket and weatherstripping for doors, windows, shutters and curtain walling.- 4. Part: Test method for determination of recoverable deformations after accelerated ageing ascertains long-term changes of functional properties owing to the effect of heat and stress/strain state in the material. The test result on permanent deformation after accelerated ageing provides information on the product durability or duration of its functional properties.

Specimens for this testing must be of the same material as used in rubber profile regular production and of prescribed dimensions (tubular shape with determined dimensions and tolerances).

Measured is the specimen's functional dimension (diameter), after which it is compressed to 60 % of the initial height, to be aged in compressed state at elevated temperature. In accordance with the product category, the test temperature is always defined by the client. After elapse of the prescribed time, the specimen is conditioned at room temperature, then unloaded, its dimension being measured again the next day. The searched property is calculated from both results by a convenient formula.

Compression set device in accordance with EN 12365-4   Presentation of specimen dimension measurement (before and after ageing)

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