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Standard SIST EN 12365-3: Building hardware. Gasket and weatherstripping for doors, windows, shutters and curtain walling. - 3. Part: Test method for determination of recoverable deformations ascertains the gasket key application property: recovery after profile compression during usage.

When the doors/windows are closed, the gasket is compressed accordingly, this measurement ascertaining the ammount of rubber product's irreversibe deformation. This information is important because decreasing recovery causes diminishing of gasket tightness, which may, in utmost case, result in poor sealing or no sealing at all.

The measurement is carried out by deforming the fastened profile to a chosen value. The strain value is agreed by the client, normally corresponing to the profile deformation during exploitation. Thus fastened profile is subjected to thermal loading for a certain time (again in agreement with client, considering temperature exposure during exploitation). After time elapse, the profile height is measured again. The given result of recoverable deformation represents measure for unwanted phenomenon of profile permanent subsidence, also indicating the seal functionality decrease with time.

Compression set device for profiles in accordance with EN 12365-3 (left: detail of inbuilt profile during test)

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