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Sava has been engaged in development and mixing of rubber compounds for rubber products since 1920, thus possessing high proficiency and ample experience in this field.

Compounds are mixed on the basis of natural rubber and synthetic rubbers: EPDM, SBR, BR, NBR, CR, CSM, CIIR, HNBR, etc.


Compounds are delivered in the following forms:

  • endless plates folded up on euro-palettes by wig-wag system with a possibility of cutting them into bands of different widths (min.50 mm);
  • calandered plates of 0,8 mm to 6 mm thickness and up to 1000 mm width, rolled into rolls;
  • and format plates of different dimensions.


Customers are offered the following:

  • development and production of rubber compounds, based on required properties, customer's formulation or sample product;
  • high quality of compounds produced by modern technological equipment;
  • compound adaptation for a certain purpose;
  • technological assistance;
  • measurements of physical properties and performance of chemical analyses of rubbers, rubber compounds and other materials in the laboratory.

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