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Development and consulting services are aimed at creating and implementing key products and technological solutions, thereby upgrading the customers’ service value. Designed are rubber compounds for the customers’ demanding rubber technical products.

Development and consulting services comprise the entire development engineering of products, technologies and solutions. Effected are:

  • Benchmarking
  • Laboratory analyses of materials with result interpretation by Central Laboratory
  • Development of new products/solutions in cooperation with clients, with adaptations according to clients’ needs and wishes
  • Structural design verification and optimization by the methods of virtual product development and in cooperation by customers
  • Development and release of rubber compounds for a selected technological process: extrusion, calandering, injection moulding, product building, adhesion, bonding and vulcanization
  • Verification and attesting the product completion in cooperation with clients
  • Cooperation and advising on development and introduction of technological process for clients’ product fabrication
  • Working out technological documentation needed by clients to master technological processes
  • Marketing rubber compounds for concrete applications
  • Advising clients on problem solving in the field of elastomeric composite processing and metrology
  • Organization and implementation of functional training in the foregoing areas

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