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Own proficiency is the basis for success

The Trelleborg Slovenija company is strongly focused on investments in R&D of new products. The high quality industrial rubber products stem mainly from its own expertise. The investment results are represented by steadily increasing number of new products. Apart from the products, the R&D activities are progressively directed to services.

The Trelleborg Slovenija successfully competes with its products on global markets, in certain areas even setting development trends and always striving to meet the expectations of its clients to the greatest possible extent.

R&D Activity

The company's R&D Institute was founded in 1963 as an industrial research unit registered by the R&D Agency of the Republic of Slovenia. The Institute has expanded into internal development network, representing one of the Slovenian pillars of proficiency in the field of polymeric materials and technology. More than 70 experts in the network, several possessing PhD and MSc degrees, permanently upgrade their expertise, mainly in Great Britain, USA and Germany. Some of them are qualified to engage in mentorships at students' practical work, BSc graduation works, probations, MSc and PhD theses.
The Institute investigates polymeric materials and cooperates in development of new products and optimization of technologies. The clients are offered service and support in development of elastomeric compounds, design and optimization of products and technologies, metrology and education, as well as collaboration in R&D projects. Development of new products runs mutually with the clients, articulating in this manner high adaptability to their needs and specific wishes. The Institute has possession of modern laboratory equipment and a system for virtual product design.

Although the research work in Trelleborg Slovenija is mainly of the applied science or purpose-aimed nature, some fundamental research is occasionally needed to acquire and understand new ideas. Of particular significance for the company’s progress are the fields of phenomenological and molecular rheology of polymers and their structural characterization, currently involving several R&D projects.

Testings and analyses

The Central Laboratory is part of the R&D Institute.

Experimental measurements and analyses, particularly ascertainments of physical and chemical properties of polymeric materials and corresponding additives, are indispensable for attainment of industrial product quality and its control. Testings and analyses are performed by modern equipment, allowing for physical and chemical characterization of these materials and study of their processing.


By cooperation with relevant institutions home and abroad, all areas of elastomeric material testing are being covered, including product tests at clients’ locations and by test vehicles (tyres). Valuable information is gained in this manner, along with quality parallels between own products and those from competition. The Institute was one of the founders of the Virtual Laboratory within the Technology Network for Intelligent Polymeric Materials and Related Technologies.

Innovation and originality

Innovation and originality are two of the fundamental principles of the company’s organizational culture, being accordingly present in all units. Mass involvement, creativity and efficiency – the innovation basic goals – are supported by communication, education and leading by example. For several years, special innovation campaigns have been organized, promoting innovative approach among employees and resulting in a considerable economic benefit to the company. The majority of innovations originates directly from the actual working environment, mainly concentrating on error avoidance, improvement of working conditions, cost saving, equipment yield enhancement, new procedures, etc. The most important final results of innovation are increased client satisfaction and augmented competitive power.  

Joining broader development society

Additional contribution to high quality and proficiency of the R&D Institute is obtained by cooperation with R&D units of other companies, academic institutions and individual external experts.

Active cooperation runs through the liaisons between industry and expertise centers: the technological platforms, NaMat, the Slovenian chemistry and textile technological platform. The company is a member of the cluster GIZ Grozd Plasttehnika, joining more than 50 Slovenian small, medium, and large companies in the field of polymeric products.

Through the National Institute of Chemistry the R&D Institute is related to the network of excellence Nanofun-poly within the 6th EU Frame in the field of functional polymers and nanocomposites. As a founding member of the Technological Network for Intelligent Polymeric Materials and Related Technologies , the Institute is linked with foreign networks, e.g WAK (European technological network of German-speaking countries in the field of polymer technologies) and and EURHEO (European network of excellence, joining research and educational institutions in the field of rheology).

Service of R&D Institute for external clients

External clients are offered service in the following fields:
  • Measurements and analyses in the Central Laboratory.
  • Virtual product design by the programme MSC.Marc
  • Preparation, management and execution of R&D projects
  • Several level education: Life-Long Learning (LLL), undergraduate, graduate and functional education

Calls for BSc graduation works, MSc and PhD theses

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